A perfect introduction to the fundamentals of sea kayaking required to enjoy fun and safe sea kayaking. Watch a video..

The "Fundamentals" of these courses will build a good foundation for further skills development. With effective instruction there is no sea kayaking skill too advanced for the beginner. The same techniques that apply in calm water also apply in advanced sea conditions ( only better done with more practice and experience).  Instead of teaching beginners to paddle like beginners, we teach you how to start using and developing good techniques. 
That is why we prefer to call it "fundamental skills" rather than "beginner skills".

The course content is mostly practical - sea kayak paddling skills with some theory covering seamanship such as a working knowledge of weather, tides, trip preparation, and responsibilities. The courses are conducted on sheltered waters with low waves up to 1/2 metre. The ideal primer to lakes and estuary paddling and a solid foundation for the more intrepid.

NO previous experience is required as all courses begin with basic stroke technique, rescues and seamanship theory.
From there our fully qualified Sea Instructors will continue to progress you through more proficient skills of surf negotiation, coastal navigation, weather prediction and of course Inuit (Eskimo) rolling!.
The only prerequisite is a sense of fun and adventure and a moderate level of fitness.
Options to choose..

 - 1 Day Intro to sea kayaking

2 Day Sea kayak skills  on Port Philip Bay

4 Day Sea Proficency courses OR 2 Day Sea Skills courses


1 Day - Introduction to Sea Kayaking Course

Port Philip Bay

The Introduction to Sea Kayaking Course is a fun way to get started in sea kayaking and is especially designed for first-time paddlers.

Held on just Sundays, the Into. to Sea Kayaking courses are held every 4 weeks on Port Philip Bay.

This course is a condensed version of the 2 day course but is certainly not a compromise on quality or instruction.  Covering safety features of the kayaks, stroke technique and rescues along with a scenic tour in real sea kayak territory.
Get a solid grounding in fundamental sea kayaking skills whilst focusing on your safety and enjoyment on the water all under expert tuition.

This course is held on Port Philip in usually sheltered conditions.

- Intro to sea kayaking Course outline

PRICE: 1 Day - Intro to Sea Kayaking  $155 per person
Course fee includes: Single sea kayak, paddling gear, lunch and snacks plus course materials.