Kayak Construction

The range of construction materials is becoming mind blowing with technology advances making leaps and bounds.  While skin on wood frame construction may still be very popular with diehards the array of new material in use is expanding.

Composites consisting of fibreglass reinforcing with polyester resin through Kevlar, carbon fibre, and epoxy resins for the highest levels of quality and strength.

Wooden kayaks have always held a special place with their individual designs and usually finish more as a piece of art than a kayak. One of my favourites. 

Making in roads has been other plastics such as polyethelines, thermosets, inflatables, foldable and the list goes on.

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Wooden Kayaks

Today there is something very romantic about wooden boats.  While wooden boats have been around for centuries and have largely been replaced by the technological marvels of steel, cement, fibreglass and plastic the continuation of traditional wooden boat building techniques never fails to enthral and delight any person who has at least a passing interest in boats.

This category is devoted to the pursuit of aesthetic beauty in designing and crafting wooden kayaks.