Wood kayaks

Cedar strip sea kayak.

Wooden Kayaks

Today there is something very romantic about wooden boats.  While wooden boats have been around for centuries and have largely been replaced by the technological marvels of steel, cement, fibreglass and plastic the continuation of traditional wooden boat building techniques never fails to enthral and delight any person who has at least a passing interest in boats.

This category is devoted to the pursuit of aesthetic beauty in designing and crafting wooden kayaks.


Meridian Cedar strip sea kayak

 Meridian Sea Kayaks - Crafted Wooden kayaks.

At Meridian Kayak we believe in putting the paddlers' interests first.  Every sea kayaker comes to us with a new and different set of expectations and ambitions. 
It is our mission to fulfill those ambitions and satisfy those expectations.




Cedar strip wooden sea kayaks. 

Without a doubt the most beautiful and eye catching kayaks around.  Each one becomes a work of art in itself and a treasure.

Building one yourself can be one of the most satisfying creative experiences.
We are currently developing kits based on the Meridian "Cygnet" single design which will soon be available for sale.

Or we can custom design and build a wooden sea kayak.  Part of the fun is in designing the pattern or how the strips are placed. 

Our wooden sea kayak page is currently being developed.

Prices:  Each cedar kayak takes some 100 to 150 hours to complete.  You might like to do the sums on how much it will work out to.