The Meridian "XP" Sea Kayak 

Composite construction - Fibreglass, Kevlar (Carbon Fibre reinforcing)


Overall Length:5.4 m  (17' 9")  
Length waterline 4.75 m 
Beam:58 cm 
Weight:20 kg Fibreglass composite 18 kg Full Kevlar (Carbon reinforced) 

The Meridian XP is a very stable sea kayak with enough V profile in the hull to give it that extra speed, without compromising stability.  Combined with a narrow beam or width (58 cm), this gives excellent initial stability while at the same time allowing the kayak to be easily "edged" due to the fair degree of flare incorporated just in front of and behind the paddlers weight.

The almost hard chine or hard edges give way towards both the bow and stern to the flared shape.  
On edge the sweep turning is very impressive with just a  light pressure needed on the paddle shaft to smartly bring the bow and stern around. 


Construction - Vacuum infusion Process  (VIP) 

Meridian Kayaks use the most modern of composite construction technologies. 
Vacuum infusion is a very effective and sophisticated method of composite construction available today.  It means that every kayak is built to the same exacting specifications as the last one.  Only the correctly designed amount of resin to fibre ratio is achieved every time using this technique.  Our advanced construction methods in vacuum infusion ensure a high level of quality construction.  This results in a lighter and much stronger sea kayak coming out of the mould.  Because only the correct amount of resin is infused the laminated construction is much stronger. Without extra useless resin the result is much lighter also. 
So you get a stronger and lighter sea kayak. 
Just imagine the savings in carry the lighter kayak from the car roof top to the beach -18 kg as opposed to 25 plus kilograms.  The workout ought to be on the water, not in the carpark!!


The seat is moulded fibreglass which will suit just about any backside.  Some amount of "slip" aids adequate torso rotation.  Cheek plates are incorporated into the seat for edging the kayak over on its side.  The seat position is adjustable for and aft.  An optional back rest is available along with a seat padding..


The large keyhole style cockpit allows easy entry and exits with a rounded front section for easy removal of the spray deck.   The flat deck style allows for the knees to be placed under the cockpit rim to give exceptional knee or thigh grip.  Optional thigh or knee braces are an option which are incorporated into the cockpit combing or rim.  This option provides for an extra degree of connection with the kayak. The seat position and lower rear deck allows for easy "lay back" rolling. 

The "chunky" and rounded cockpit outer rim edge gives an excellent fit to the spray deck and greatly improves the water tightness.  


The forward and day hatch use a 190 mm round VCP style rubber hatch cover to ensure a tight and sure seal in very wet conditions.  A securing strap is attached and the rim is glassed in to prevent damage to delicate dry bags.  The rear uses an is oval hatch to fit bulkier baggage..

 Before joining the deck and hull, the insides of the kayak have been thoroughly inspected and sanded to remove any sharp points or edges. 

Rudder and or Skeg

The XP's ability to track even in the worst conditions means that a rudder may hardly be necessary.  Manoeuvring and turning by "edging" and the correct use of sweep strokes is most effective. 
However, the optional fitting of a retractable rudder does give more steering and tracking capability with no "hang ups" associated with rocky and steep beach launchings.
In addition an optional Skeg may be fitted as an alternative to the retractable rudder or BOTH may be fitted as an extra.  

Deck lines and fittings

All Meridian Sea Kayaks have strong, 6 mm, deck lines around the perimeter for ease of holding even with cold, wet hands.  Shock cord or bungies are placed fore and aft to hold deck items such as all those important items within reach on the foredeck and a spare paddle on the rear deck .
All deck lines and bungies are attached through moulded sections flush in the deck  They are reinforced inside for added strength and there being no holes through the deck, do not let in any water. 


Foot pegs with rudder controls are the "OZO" system from Q Kayaks of NZ, made from nylon with a glass fill for extra strength. Each rail has three attachment positions to prevent twisting, 18 fixed adjustments, and a large easy to use spring loaded adjusting pin. OZO Footrest 

  Pricing Meridian "XP" sea kayak.

Fibreglass  Au$3,150  
Kevlar Hull / F'Glass deck Au$3,350  
Kevlar Hull / Deck (Carbon fibre reinforced) Au$3,650  
Extra options    
Skeg (As additional to standard Rudder) Au$ 250  
Electric bilge pump fitted Au$ 225  


Sea kayaks and accessories
Which sea kayak ? or Choosing the most appropriate kayak for yourself.

  • Novice Paddlers:
  • Experienced Paddlers:
  • Leaders / Instructor:

These various levels do not refer so much to the skills possessed by the paddler but more to the intended use of the sea kayak.  Obviously the more skilful paddler is able to safely use their sea kayak in more advanced (rougher) conditions and on extended journeys.  As such, the intended use is much more important than the inherent skill level.
For that reason characteristics such as speed, manoeuvrability, storage capacity, stability (initial and secondary) are the keys to the selection of an appropriate sea kayak. 

Accessories - the paddle.  A word of advice.  If you want to save money on your gear then save it so you can to spend it on the paddle.  Buy, beg or borrow the best quality paddle you can find. It is in your hands the whole time you are paddling and can mean the difference between a great day out and an ordinary one.  Light weight and strong construction are the catch words for paddles.

.   Something to think about.  A responsible attitude to safety is paramount to sea kayaking.  A respect for the sea is critical.  "Don't argue with the sea, it will win every time! "


And always wear a properly fitted PFD. 

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