Meridian Sea Kayaks

Meridian Cygnet at Wilsons Prom.

 Meridian Kayak - the "Cygnet".

At Meridian Kayak we believe in putting the paddlers' interests first.  Every sea kayaker comes to us with a new and different set of expectations and ambitions. 
It is our mission to fulfill those ambitions and satisfy those expectations.

Why the "Cygnet"?  After more than 20 years of instructing students in canoeing, white-water and sea kayaking it became obvious that certain issues needed to be addressed. 
Firstly, the changing nature of sea kayakers expectations.  30 years ago it was common among sea kayakers to have reasonably proficient sea kayaking skills and thus expected high performance sea kayaks that travelled long and fast.  Some of those "high performance" sea kayaks are still popular today for sea kayakers who want to push their boundaries in distances and sea conditions. 
What has evolved is the growth and popularity of the "recreational" style or leisurely paced nature of sea kayaking.  Enjoying the journey at a more relaxed pace.  The skills have not decreased, only the pace of the journey.  For that reason , a different style of sea kayak was needed. 

Hence, the Meridian "Cygnet" sea kayak.  A sea kayak for the more relaxed style of sea kayaking but also with the ability to handle the toughest of sea conditions with ease.   Stability, light weight, tracking and acceleration or low resistance at slower speeds.   These are the characteristics which have made the Meridian "Cygnet" so popular today.


Meridian XP Sea Kayak

 Meridian "XP" Sea Kayak 

Introducing the latest addition to our range of expertly designed and quality built sea kayaks.

The Meridian “XP”  Sea Kayak started its development some 12 years ago with a prototype being produced that was based largely on the popular Meridian “Cygnet” style.  We wanted a kayak more suited to expedition style sea kayaking so we made some changes. We

  • Added an extra 30 cm to the length making it 5.4 m for extra speed,
  • Added a day hatch behind the cockpit for odds and ends storage,
  • Added a deeper V to the hull shape for extra speed and better tracking,
  • Created more rocker in the hull from bow to stern for better manoeuvrability.
  • Shortened the keel line at the stern to help launching off difficult shorelines.
  • Added the option of a skeg to aid tracking in wind.
  • Slightly further lowered the back of the cockpit rim for easier “lay back” rolling,

After many hours of paddling in a variety of sea conditions that prototype has undergone many modifications since with a bit of bog added here, a bit removed from there and then some more of the same.

In the end we achieved our goal. To produce a fast, yet stable and comfortable sea kayak ideally suited to multi day expedition or touring sea kayaking.  . 

Hence, the Meridian "XP" sea kayak.  An ideal expedition sea kayak for the more intrepid style of sea kayaking also with the ability to handle the toughest of sea conditions with ease.   Stability, light weight, excellent tracking while still manoeuvrability and a fast pace.   These are the characteristics which have set the Meridian XP Sea Kayak apart.