This article is the introduction to KAYAKS on this website.

Meridian Kayak designs, produces and distributes a range of kayak or paddle craft to Australia and the world.

Our range of sea kayaks have been designed especially for the recreational paddler in mind.  In particular is our  Cygnet Sea Kayak  


Recreational Kayaks

For most of us just getting out on the water is a great way to rejuvenate, re-create and experience the sheer pleasures of being outdoors. especially on the water. (or in the water).

Recreational paddling can be anything from an hour or so just dipping the paddle to extended multi day expeditions with your self or a group of like minded people.  Paddling on glassy waters to challenging  yourself in fearsome white water rapids or mountainous open water seas. 

Whatever your personal tastes there is a multitude of places to go, things to learn and do along the way.  As such there is a multitude of recreational kayaks designed to suit just your needs.