At Meridian Kayak, we're driven by passion.  A passion for the sea, a passion for everything to do with the sea. A passion for designing and making sea kayaks of excetional grace and performance.

Sea kayakers share this same passion. Our philisophy is to be of superior service and supply sea kayaks that not only meet our customer's expectation but exceed them. 

We at Meridian Kayak are committed to sustained environmental / ecotourism opportunities. Sea kayaking allows padlers to take their memories, their photos and not leave any footprints.

Since beginning operations in Melbourne, Australia, in March 1998,   Meridian Kayak has been providing a wide range of SEA KAYAKING services, equipment and experiences.



Sea Kayaks.

With a wealth of expertise in paddlers requirements and sea kayak performance, we have put it all together in the design of our own sea kayaks. 

The Meridian "Cygnet"  single seakayak is gaining popularity as a sea kayak capable of both estuary / protected waters and extended or advanced paddling conditions.  Its stability, tracking and acceleration have made it a popular choice in term of performance and style.

Introducing the Meridian XP" . Öur latest sea kayak designed for the intrepid open sea expedition paddler. 

Instruction programs.

We believe that in addition to appropriate sea kayaking equipment and accessories, good sea kayak skills and technique are essential to get the most out of sea kayaking. Fitness and strength are no substitute for technique and attitude.
Sound instructional techniques concentrate on empowering students to develop confidence and good sea judgement above all.
Energy efficient sea kayak techniques allow the paddler to relax and enjoy their surroundings without undue stress.

What is Sea Kayaking? 

Very simply, sea kayaking is paddling on coastal and exposed open waters.
Modern sea kayaks are based on the same design that the Inuit people of Greenland and Aluit people of Alaska evolved over thousands of years in Arctic conditions. Being a hunter’s boat their sea kayaks had to be both sea worthy and fast in order to keep pace with their prey in the open sea. No longer made from bone and hides, today’s kayaks are mostly either plastic or composite construction which makes them both light and durable. 

To visit an untrodden wilderness or glide effortlessly over clear and tranquil sea as seals and dolphin dart about and whales come to have a look. Sea kayaking is the perfect vehicle for all this, an escape capsule from the hustle and bustle.
Sea kayaking is one of the fastest growing adventure activities in the world today. It is enjoying spectacular growth as more and more people experience and explore the world’s coastal regions, arguably the only true wilderness left in our crowded outdoors... 



 Meridian Cygnets on Corner Inlet.

Sea kayaking. Living the dream in a Meridian Kayak.