This article is about places to go sea kayaking or paddling. Sea kayaks in particular are very suited to getting to places on or near the water that most other modes of travel will not permit. 

Their shallow draft makes them idea for travelling in shallow water, perhaps only 4 inches or 100 mm deep.  Crossing over low tide mud flats is just about impossible while walking, not to mention the ecological damage being done to the fragile ecosystem in the inter tidal zone.  Sea grasses, soft corals and small animal olife just to mention a few examples.

Or narrow winding channels with overhanging branches and other obstacles.  Choppy seas and rough surf zones make other larger less robust or sea worthy craft difficult to land. or even less likely embark with safety.  This may seem a bit extreeem to some but I have often landed through a surf zone and them embarked which would otherwise be impossible in a motor boat or especially a sail craft.  While say an inflatable may work well in a surf zone it does not cross very shalow water easily.