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Ex demo Fibreglass Cygnet sea kayak.
As NEW condition.


Sea Kayaks in Australia - Meridian Kayak's range of sea kayaks, expeditions and instruction programs are sure to expand your personal horizons on the sea.

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Here you find a wealth of useful information about sea kayaks and sea kayaking.  

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Since beginning operations in Melbourne, Australia, in March 1998,  as an adventure tourism based business, Meridian Kayak has been providing a wide range of SEA KAYAKING services, equipment and experiences.

* Sea kayaks designed for the "recreational" style paddler as well as wood kayak kits for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

* Meridian Kayak has a comprehensive instructional program to extend any persons sea kayak skills. 

Meridian Kayak is committed to sustained environmental / ecotourism opportunities. Sea kayaking allows participants to take their memories, their photos and not leave any footprints...


Sea Kayaks..

Composite construction or cedar wood strip - our designs are a reflection of our professionalism and attention to detail.

Sea Kayaking with Meridian Kayak

Why Meridian Kayaks
* Passion
* Professionalism
* Performance
Sea kayaking,

Skills and know how. What you need to get the most enjoyment out of this fabulous pastime. 





2 Day Fundamentals of Sea Kayaking Courses
Sat-Sun, April 2020 More...

Cup Weekend - 2020
4 Day Sea Proficiency Course -Wilsons Prom  More...



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